First Choice Property Management RI - Property Management, Rental Services and Real Estate
First Choice Property Management RI - Property Management, Rental Services and Real Estate
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First Choice Property Management RI - Property Management, Rental Services and Real Estate
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First Choice Property Management RI - Property Management, Rental Services and Real Estate
First Choice Property Management RI - Property Management, Rental Services and Real Estate
Welcome to First Choice Property Management! - Property Management, Rental Services and Real Estate
Welcome to First Choice Property Management! - Property Management, Rental Services and Real Estate
First Choice Property Management is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service which leads to an improved quality of life for our clients. Our team prides itself on upholding the highest ethical standards through its values of honesty, integrity and professionalism. We use a personal approach, respond promptly to our clients' needs and are proud of our commitment to the community.
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First Choice Property Management RI - Services
First Choice Property Management provides a broad scope of services personally tailored to address the needs of each individual. We offer property management, sales of property, apartment rentals, home leasing, rent collection, bookkeeping services, repairs and maintenance & more!

Saving you time, money and frustration is our company’s motto. You can expect personalized attention from our knowledgeable and courteous staff.

Hear What Our Clients are Saying

Hello Mike, Amy, Amber and Missy:
On behalf of the Board...and the Mile Square Lofts, I want to say a very big thank you to you...and everyone at First Choice...for all the hard work you have done on our behalf over the past year.

When First Choice became our management company in April of 2014, we had many problems. All of you have done so much to help us solve our problems...and we have also moved ahead with some long time in coming projects...such as the awning and enclosure, the drain pipe along the wall, the elevator shaft heaters, the security cameras etc.....all with your guidance and advice.

You have helped the Board in so many ways...just by being available at all times for both advice and positive action. All that you have done for us is greatly appreciated.

Special thanks to Amy. She is a wonderful person to work with...efficient, quick and totally unflappable. On a personal note, I can only say Thank you Amy..I couldn't have been the Board president without you.

I know our second year with First Choice will be equally successful.

Thank you..all of much.

Paula for the Board
Mile Square Lofts

October 2, 2015
To Whom it may Concern:

I am pleased to recommend First Choice Property Management Company. They have managed Friars' Green Condominiums for the past four years . As a member of the Board of Directors of Friars' Green I am pleased to submit a positive recommendation on their behalf.

We began our relationship with First Choice with a clear contract which they adhere to, on a few occasions they have deviated in our favor. ! They can be flexible and provide the Association with extra time and services.

They have repeatedly been responsive to our concerns as a board and to the needs and requests of the individual condo owners.

This weather conditions of this winter were unprecedented and First Choice responded responsibly in the most stressful of situations. Their ability to step up , whether with our insurance company or an overly anxious condo owner was remarkable,

They attend our monthly Board meetings and arrived prepared with knowledge regarding the day to day operations of the Condo Complex, as well as suggestions for special projects. They are able to gather information needed for decisions as well as researching areas where more information is needed.

The fact that First Choice provides maintenance service has been an asset ,their work has been impeccable, even in the eyes of some of our most demanding condo owners .

The owner of the company is available and always professional , knowledgeable and polite.

I could continue to comment on the many positive aspects of the workings of First Choice, however, suffice it to say , I recommend their services to others as well as recommend that Friars' Green renew their contract to continue to manage Friars Green Condominiums .


Suzanne Martineau
President Friars' Green Condominium Association

July 12, 2015
To Whom It May Concern:

As President and Treasurer of Victorian Court Condominium Association it is with great pleasure I write to you to recommend First Choice Property Management to serve your property management needs.

I have been an active member of Victorian Court Condo Association for 10 years and it has been a pleasure working with First Choice. Amy and Amber have shown exemplary knowledge and dedication to their role making it easy for the Victorian Court Association to make intelligent decisions for the benefit of all 28 homeowners in our development. Their experience in their field has been a tremendous asset to Victorian Court with solving some of the issues we face ranging from ice dams and water damage in the winter, to general maintenance and improvements in the summer. Most recently, we faced ice dam issues resulting in thousands of dollars in damage. As a result of Amy and Ambers knowledge of condominium insurance laws and regulations we were able to receive $9,000 back from our insurance carrier for money spent to help alleviate our ice dam build up this winter. Receiving the funds back will fund multiple projects over the course of the summer.

Holding the position of treasurer can be quite time consuming. Whether its preparing budgets, year end financial analyses, financial reports or information to make intelligent decisions I can always rely on first Choice to deliver exactly what I need in a timely manner. My typical requests include a breakdown of our general ledger, account status info, and YTD spend on budgeted expenses. The reports are generated with a very quick turn around and the data is exactly as I request.

In closing I would recommend you give First Choice the opportunity to serve your management needs; their technicians are highly skilled at repair and maintenance projects. Amy and Amber are able to bring unique perspectives to association meetings and greatly assist with the everyday problems you may incur as a condominium association. Even though we at Victorian Court are only one out of many properties they manage, First Choice goes well above and beyond to make you feel as though you are their sole focus.

Steve Petrangelo
President & Treasurer

July 9, 2015
First Choice Property management is a dream come true for any condo association. We had struggled with self management for several years to the point of almost bankruptcy, never sure quite what we were doing wrong. It wasn't until we call in a professional management company that we realized how important it is to have an independent third party professional company manage our condo affairs.

They are prompt and fair with condo payments, they are an impartial third party for sending out notices to condo owners about petty annoyances, and the best of all - First Choice Property Management knows their stuff. They saved us with their in depth condo finance planning. From start to finish our dedicated property manager has always answered every email and call promptly with through and accurate information. They are always here for all the condo owners and especially helpful for our association. Never intrusive, they work with our management style and are always open to our input.

As well, First Choice offers sage advise on general finances, picking good contractors and insurance operations - all of which are very necessary for any condo to run properly. Everything we've given them, they've tackled with full marks. I highly recommend First Choice Property Management for any condo association.

Zephyr Inkpen

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